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Air Jordan Toronto pump power on laser parameters is

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We introduce a new bargaining solution, which we call the equal-loss solution. This solution equalizes across agents the losses from the ideal point. Two characterizations of the solution are presented by formulating axioms specifying how bargaining solutions should respond to changes in the feasible set and the ideal point. Passively mode-locked stretched-pulse erbium fiber laser is presented. With all-fiber configuration 111 fs pulses were achieved with the fundamental repetition rate of 169 MHz and an average output power of more than 30 mW. Proposed setup shows excellent stability, reliability and ‘turn-key’ operation. The impact of the pump power on laser parameters is described. A one-step rainbow holographic process is applied to holographic interferometry. Experimental demonstrations of double exposure and time-average interferograms are included. Comparison is made with the conventional Air Jordan 3 Toronto holographic process. We found that the rainbow process provides better equality and less speckle noise. Linear equality systems with fuzzy parameters and crisp variables defined by the extension principle are called Air Jordan Toronto possibilistic linear equality systems. The study focuses on the problem of stability (with respect to perturbations of fuzzy parameters) of the solution in these systems.