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Jordan Retro 13 kinetochores The Ipl1 Aurora B kinase responds

Jordan Retro 13

Attachment of sister chromatids to microtubules from opposite spindle poles — bi-orientation — generates tension at the kinetochores. The Ipl1/Aurora B kinase responds to the absence of tension at mono-oriented chromosomes and promotes microtubule turnover and spindle checkpoint activation until a stable bi-oriented attachment is achieved. A classical formula gives the blossom of the derivative of a polynomial function in terms of its own blossom. We extend this result to the Chebyshevian framework. In this reply to Collins′ (1994) commentary, I suggest that the differences between our two positions are more apparent than real. The principal Jordan Retro 13 difference seems to be that I (Salthouse, 1994) was emphasizing a proximal level of analysis, whereas Collins (1994) emphasized a distal level of analysis. I argue that both levels of analysis are useful and necessary in developmental research. Characterization theorems are obtained for the possible limits in distribution of a family of stationary random measures {ζT} satisfying a strong mixing condition, with necessary and sufficient conditions Nike Jordan Canada Shoes for convergence. The application of these results to ‘exceedance random measures’ is shown to provide a unifying viewpoint for obtaining results in extremal theory for stationary processes.