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We have built a polarimeter in order to measure the electron beam polarization in hall C at JLAB. Using a superconducting solenoid to drive the pure-iron target foil into saturation, and a symmetrical setup to detect the Møller electrons in coincidence, we achieve an accuracy of <1%. This sets a new standard for Møller polarimeters. This paper presents a state-of-the-art review of the use of expert systems in land-use planning in general and site selection in particular. It focuses on the theoretical discussion of different types of computer-based systems (i.e. expert systems, decision support systems, integrated systems) and tries to assess the usefulness of each system for the urban planner. A representation of social networks in terms of polyhedral dynamics is Nike Jordan Store used to study the mobilization of individuals in a specific social network. By making use of the distinction between backcloth and traffic, the analysis shows there are compelling structural reasons for the outcome of the mobilization process in the particular network studied. It is shown that a function obtained by Zadeh's extension principle preserves similarity. As a consequence, if using the extension principle for building models of systems, the exact description of phenomena by means of fuzzy sets does not Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo matter.