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Current observations from a drifting ice floe in the central Arctic Ocean give clear evidence of a clockwise spiral structure in the upper layers. The data for steady conditions show a boundary layer just beneath the ice and an Ekman spiral layer below it. The depth of frictional influence is 18 m for winds of 4 m/sec. This is apparently the first detailed confirmation of the Ekman spiral in deep waters. The structures of two new minor diterpenes, 1,9-dideoxy coleonol-B and 1-acetoxy coleosol, isolated from the roots of Coleus forskohlii have been shown to be 7-hydroxy-6-acetoxy, 13-epoxy labd-14-en-11-one and 1-acetoxy-6,9-dihydroxy, 13-epoxy labd-14-en-11-one, respectively, mainly through interpretation of 2D NMR data and X-ray analysis. For a least-squares problem of m degree polynomial regression with n measured values (n ≥ m + 1), the traditional methods need O(n2m) arithmetic operations. We prove that the arithmetic complexity of this problem does not exceed O(nlog22m). We use characteristic and numerical methods to examine the motion of an object attached to the end of a non-linear Nike Jordan Store Toronto elastic string. The waves in the string can have a significant effect on the motion of the attached object when the mass of the string is greater than about one-tenth Air Jordan 11 Retro Canada of the mass of the object.